How to Save Space on your Mac

While cleaning some files up last week, I found this batch of files:

iPod Update files are old and easy to delete

Two things to note here:

  • Since I bought an iPhone in 2009, I’ve not used an iPod. My father-in-law inherited that iPod, which died a couple of years later. I also replaced my PowerMac with an iMac a couple of years ago, so I obviously did a blind transfer of all files from one computer to the next.

  • Those files are pretty big. That’s over a half Gig of files for 11 updates over the course of two years.

Remember when the world was excited over a pocked computer that could only really play audio files? Sure, they added video playback and a few simple games, but everyone changed their lifestyles to include more music in their lives just because of the iPad. No apps. No video for a long time. No books. No websurfing. No Angry Birds.

The damned thing had a hard drive for most of its lifespan, too.

Life seemed to quaint then, doesn’t it now?

Oh, hey, one last thing: See the little circle/slash icons to left of all the files? Those updates were all from the PowerPC chip days of my PowerMac. They wouldn’t run today on my current Operating System. That makes them triply easy to delete.