Buy a Canon 6D

Here’s how the internet works:

This is a Canon 6D camera, due out in December. It’s the new “entry-level” “full-frame” camera from Canon:

If you click on that picture, you can go to Amazon and buy it. I added in my Amazon Affiliates code, so I’ll get a tiny portion of the amount you pay. By my rough estimates, I only need 25 of you to buy this camera through the above link to be able to afford one of my own. And given the vast readership of this blog, that means every other reader needs to click through and buy it now. For all I care, you can turn around and sell it on eBay. Just don’t return it to Amazon, or they’ll take their money back from me.

Once I have the camera that half my readership already uses and enjoys, I’ll write a review of it. In that review, I’ll include the above picture again and the same Amazon Affiliate link. My no-doubt glowing praise for the technological wonderment of a full frame camera with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS will cause sales again to increase amongst the half of my audience that didn’t smartly buy it the first time.

With that Affiliate change, I can buy the battery grip to go with the camera, because my hands are too large to comfortably fit on a camera of such size. I’ll review that, too. With a picture. And an Affiliate link. My fellow large-handed camera owners will run out and copy me because I’m an influential thought leader. With that spare change, I’ll be able to buy a couple of comics to read while the pictures are downloading to my computer.

I’ll review those on Pipeline, where I won’t have Affiliate links, and so the circle will end.

Until that new Apple computer comes out next year and I post a pic and link to that