Three Random iTunes 11 Thoughts

  • The times change: iTunes emphasizes a more visual approach now. The program wants you to look at album covers as much as possible to find what you’re looking for. The problem is, in the digital age, I don’t think in terms of cover images anymore. Yes, for albums more than a decade old, those album covers click for me. I haven’t bought a CD in years now, though. I buy everything on-line, whether through iTunes or Amazon. I barely glance at the cover image. I’ll be doing as much searching as possible via text, I think.

  • I never realized just how much missing album art I had until iTunes 11. I might need to do an iTunes Match subscription just for those images. I used to have a program that helped look for album art, but that was so long ago that I think it was a PowerPC program that broke in the Intel world.

UPDATE: Nope, no Match subscription needed. iTunes has it as built-in functionality. This may not be new. I don’t know. I do know that I am not a Match subscriber, so it doesn’t depend on that.

iTunes lets you download cover images

  • The problem with reviewers: A new iTunes also means a lot of bloggers reviewing the program and including screen shots carefully selected to illustrated their points, iTunes’ new features, and oh-so-hip music collections. They’re very careful about what they let the world see, so be prepared for lots of Brooklyn Hipster Genius Mixes and classic rock, with a dash of modern indie label artists.

Here, because I try not to be a hypocrite, is a selection from my iTunes library:

iTunes 11 sample image

Avril Lavigne and Neil Diamond. Because I have no shame. While playing Christmas music from Pentatonix. (“Carol of the Bells” is awesome.)