Best Typo of the Day

Saw an ad looking for a full time blogger in Los Angeles. The first part of the job description made me laugh out loud:

Creating engaging blog content that is relevant to weightless/dieting and a health centric lifestyle

Later references to the same topic spelled it correctly with “weight loss,” but now I can’t help but picture overweight astronauts on a space station losing weight and finding themselves floating higher in the air. That is completely scientifically inaccurate, yes, but it’s just the funny image I had in my head.

Funnier still is a later job requirement:

The ability to spell check one’s own writing is a must and is something that is expected and required of the blogger.

This is meant to be a shill blog and social media outreach that’s soulless and heartless. It’s doomed to fail. Here’s more of the job description:

Daily content creation and updating on Twitter page – Must be able to write in a social media based relatable style that is engaging to readers

I’m afraid of someone getting paid to be as bad a Twitter user as the average Twitter user. Engage with Trending Topics today!

The budget for this job — handling the company’s blog, Facebook, and Twitter presences — is $500 – $1,000. What a deal!