“The Smurfs” Inspired “Seinfeld”?

Watched a classic episode of “The Smurfs” a couple weekends ago with my daughter. The episode centers on Jokey Smurf betting that every other Smurf that they could NOT perform the action they’re best known for for a day. If they could do that, he wouldn’t play a joke on them for a full year. Vanity had to not look at himself in the mirror. Grouchy couldn’t frown. etc. etc.

And, one by one, they all fall. (To be fair, one gets caught by Gargamel, who is ultimately defeated by his own inability NOT to open an early birthday present from his mother that was actually a Trojan Horse sent by Papa Smurf, proving that a little willpower isn’t such a bad thing.)

I couldn’t help think that this show laid the groundwork for the classic Seinfeld episode, “The Contest.” The Smurfs were a good decade or decade and a half ahead of their time. If only Vanity Smurf had walked into Jokey’s mushroom house, smacked his money down on the table and said, “I’M OUT!” as he looked into his mirror…