Shocker! More Anecdotal Evidence that DS9 was a B5 Rip-off

The following is not surprising. All it does is help to confirm everything we’ve known for the last twenty years: That Paramount committed theft in the creation of Deep Space 9. Obviously, this is the internet and the source needs to be questioned, but he did include a full name, so there’s some believability there.

More at the link. This is excerpted from a comment by Steven Hopstaken:

Paramount and Warner Bros. both agreed that Deepspace 9 would be the show that would launch the new network and there wouldn’t be room for two “space” shows on the network. I was told they purposely took what they liked from the B5 script and put it in the DS9 script. In fact, there was talk of leaving the B5 script in tact and just setting it the Star Trek universe. I had to keep rewriting press release drafts while they were trying to make the final decision.