It’s All About the Voice. Right?

“The Voice” is a show made to directly take on “American Idol.” In the ratings these days, it’s winning. Its major conceit is that they care about the vocals more than anything. Famously, the auditions are held with the judges’ chairs turned away from the singer. The singers only get on the show if their voice is good enough to get them there. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, thin or fat. This is meant to produce a better sounding field of contestants free from the shackles of modern image-conscious creepiness.

Here, then, are your three winners of The Voice:


And here are your two finalists this season on “American Idol”:


What went wrong, NBC?

(Just for the record: I’m not calling Kree and Candice fat here. If anything, they look healthy compared to most reality TV show contestants… But if The Voice is built on the concept that it’s Voice Uber Alles, then they need to explain how it’s the skinny good looking folks who always win.)