Diabetes Cured Again!

No, we mean it this time:

The disease attacks insulin-secreting cells in the pancreas. Healthy people have billions of ‘peacekeeping’ cells called ‘T-regs’ which protect insulin-making cells from the immune system but people suffering Type 1 diabetes do not have enough.  
 Now researchers at the University of California and Yale have shown that the ‘T-regs’ can be removed from the body, increased by 1,500x in the laboratory and infused back into the bloodstream to restore normal function.

Bascially, you’d go into the hospital once a year, they’d take two cups of blood out of you, treat it, and put it back in. Then, you don’t need to take any shots or additional insulin for the rest of the year.  I assume you’d just keep an eye on your sugar levels and eat healthy and all would be good.


I’d take that.


I’ll believe it when I see it, though…