Grease Live

Grease Live promotional image

That worked out better than anything NBC has put on the air in the last three years.

FOX fixed a number of problems that NBC seems stuck with — too small a stage, no live audience, no ridiculously big name star who stinks in the part (hello, Walken!), and just the look of being a live show.

“Grease Live” had the filmic look and an insane amount of camera wizardry. The way the camera moved around the stages was ridiculously good. It’s amazing that there wasn’t a single slip-up with the cameras that I saw.

I’m glad I was not the one trying to put this production together, because the thought of doing it blows my mind. Moving that many people from stage to stage in such a rigid time schedule cannot be a simple or easy task.

And while some acting was questionable — mostly in the supporting small time characters, honestly — the stars did a great job, particularly with the singing and dancing. That was good stuff.