VR.5: The Timing Is Perfect…

…for VR.5’s return.

Virtual Reality is all the craze again. And, as this Entertainment Weekly article points out, the show was made to complement “The X-Files.”

Since “The X-Files” is now back, the timing is perfect!

the cast of FOX's VR.5

(Yes, Buffy fans.  That’s Anthony Stewart Head.  His turn on VR.5 is part of what made me watch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer pilot when it aired a couple years later…)

That article I linked to above is from 1995, which explains this paragraph:

VR.5 may have one other thing going for it: Cybermania has been sweeping the nation in the last few years, with trendy coffee shops serving up Internet connections and e-mail addresses popping up everywhere from the White House to your local pizzeria. “I think people are becoming so isolated that they’re turning to their computers for intimacy,” theorizes Singer. “People go on-line and meet other people and play all sorts of games. I heard about a couple who met on-line and got married. It sounds strange, but people are using computers to build a new type of community.”  

We never expected on-line dating services, did we? Or ordering pizzas by emoji over Twitter?  Or Hillary Clinton having her own email server?