Zoolander No. 2

So, I had a little adventure two nights back.

I was in the vicinity of Lincoln Center, NYC and had about three hours to kill. My plan was to walk up a block to where the movie theater was and catch whatever was showing in the time I had available.

But as I started my walk, a bigger spectacle awaited me:

Zoolander 2 premiere on the street
The Zoolander No. 2 premiere was being held at one of the halls at Lincoln Center, which was once the center of Fashion Week, as I understand it. So they set up a runway in the street. Boxed in by glass and filled with a media gauntlet, the stars were showing up, one by one, to make the walk.

(I later learned that earlier they had left the whole thing open to do a fake runway fashion show in character. I missed that.)

I stood amongst the crowd of gawkers across the street, about twenty feet away, watching through the glass as the Hollywood celebs did their thing. First, there was the photographers’ section, then they’d walk across to the dude from Entertainment Tonight, then be passed to at least two other media outlets that I saw conducting interviews. One was recording all their video on their cellphone. Might be an on-line outfit, maybe?

I didn’t recognize half the people, and judging by the conversations I heard around me, a lot of people didn’t know either, but thought they did.

Ben Stiller was obvious, though, and the cries of, "He’s so short!" rang out multiple times.

Ben Stiller being interviewed

SNL made a strong showing, with Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell being present. There might have been more, but I haven’t watched that show in 20 years now…

Will Ferrell being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight’s Smiley Guy:

Will Ferrell being interviewed on Entertainment a Tonight

Fashion icon Anna Wintour was even present. (I didn’t get a picture. She kept moving.)

The loudest cheer went up for, of all people, Jennifer Aniston. Go figure. Look carefully and you might see her face here between all the photographers’ shoulders:

Jennifer Aniston on the purple carpet

(And, yes, traffic was still streaming past us in the two open lanes of traffic.)

I stood around watching this for about a half hour before going to the movie theater a block up to catch a showing of "The Big Short," which is an amazing movie.

Across the hall from where my movie was, there was a theater blocked out for a "private event." A line of people outside the building were waiting to see "Zoolander No. 2". (I saw a sign for that at the door.) I think those two things are related.

What I learned: The iPhone camera is awesome, but trying to take shots from that far away under those circumstances is trying, at best. With a weather threat of snow in the air, I almost brought my real camera with me into the city that night to take pics of the city in the snow. But it didn’t. And I didn’t bring the camera, anyway. If I had, I might have much better pictures to show you today. Maybe. In the interests of travelling light, I had planned to only bring my wide angle lens, not the 85mm that would be helpful in that situation.

But it was an interesting experience, and an unexpected one.

Update: it would seem that Leonard Maltin really really didn’t like the movie, for all the same reasons I had no interest in seeing it in the first place.