The Thing With YouTube

I’ve taken to YouTube in recent months. I don’t subscribe to too many things, but I enjoy the series I like. They’re short. They’re entertaining. And, most amazingly, the suggested videos that YouTube links to next to the videos I watch are usually very good suggestions. YouTube becomes a very good time sink that way — worse than Wikipedia ever was for me.

The deeper I go into YouTube, though, the more I realize that it really is just like the rest of the internet: three or four good ideas copycatted to hell and back. It’s filled with rip-offs and clueless talentless people who think they’re god’s gift to the internet because they have 100 subscribers while doing the same exact thing (only poorly) that the guy with 1,000,000 subscribers is doing.

The rest of it is clips of late night talk shows. Nobody watches those on television anymore. Those shows are the tail wagging the dog — they exist to fill up YouTube.

In other words: YouTube is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

At least Postmodern Jukebox (which also kicked off a wave of copycats) is ripping themselves off here by covering earlier covers.