Welcome Back, WordPress

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I’ve been blogging since September 2002.  What started on LiveJournal.com quickly moved over to its own site, using WordPress before it was even called WordPress, I think.  Check my database — this blog’s prefix is “b2_.”

Things slowed up a lot here over recent years.  I got a new job, got married, had a kid, etc. etc.

And WordPress became annoying.  I always assumed it was because the database was so big with the thousands of posts I had up, but couldn’t prove it.  Simple things like posting an update became too slow to bother.  And, of course, Twitter popped up and consumed us all.

I posted here occasionally, but sometimes months would go by.

Lately, I’ve wanted to get back into it.  I hate throwing things into the Twitter and Facebook machines and watching them drift away, owning nothing.  I like having a blog that I can look back on years later and see what I was thinking in the past so easily.  Even if I only did short posts, I wanted to jump back on the bandwagon.

So I checked up on WordPress, updated to the latest and greatest and — it’s a whole new experience. WordPress grew up somewhere in the last couple of years. Maybe four years?  I don’t know, but all my problems are gone.  Everything is so easy now.  I can shop for a new theme or a plug-in from inside WordPress, and install everything that way, too.  No more downloading zip files and then uploading them praying the back end sees them, and then activating.

Many of the things that needed plug-ins were now built in. (Markdown! YouTube!)

The default themes look good, and are easy to edit.

I have at least two usable iPhone apps where I can post to the blogs even when I’m away from my desk.

Also, it’s speedy.  I don’t have to wait forever for a new blog post to save.  (And then it posts links to Twitter and Google Plus for me.)

I’m even using the new WordPress desktop app to post this.  It’s also awesome, and lets me run two blogs at the same time on it.

I’m excited to be blogging again, both here and on the sister site, Various and Sundry CS, where I cover more of the computer science-like stuff.  Even if it’s only short thoughts barely longer than a tweet, the default theme handles things like that beautifully…