San Diego Comic Con Goes RFID

San Diego Comic Con logo

Word is out now that the San Diego Comic Con will be using RFID chips in their badges this year.

The RFID chip is an interesting thing. They put those in the badges at OSCon last year, which lead to some amount of informal protesting amongst convention goers and speakers. Some even ripped theirs out. That was a tech conference, though, so people were more in tune with what RFID tags are and how they might be used. Personally, I didn’t have any problem with it.

The thing OSCon had with every room you walked into was an RFID scanner across every door. The convention could use it to track how many people were coming and going into each room. For a convention like SDCC with the logisitics it faces, this could prove to be very valuable information in handling crowds and seeing where the most and least popular panels are being held.

That’s all assuming they have the scanners posted at the doors of every panel room. That’s an awful lot of scanners to bring in, but a convention the size of SDCC could (and probably should) pull it off. It would be very valuable information to have.

I bet the fire marshall would love to see a live feed of that data, too…