Middle X: Pixie

Enter a world where the X-Men have quietly retired from their years of superheroing. It’s a world where they settled down in the suburbs and lived to ripe old ages.

We look in on them as they hit their 40s. They are, perhaps, soccer moms and dance dads and who knows what else.

Pixie. Don’t know much about her, to be honest. She became a regular X-Men at a time I wasn’t reading the books. But I felt like drawing a girl with pink hair. So sue me.

middlex pixie_web_wings

Joe Dante and Chuck Jones

25 years ago, Joe Dante developed a movie that would have been a dramatization of the Warner Bros. animation unit/Termite Terrace in the 30s and 40s.  It’s a movie many of us would kill to see to this day.

It never got made.

Pity.  Sounds like perfect Oscar bait. Nothing Hollywood loves more than movies about Hollywood.

In any case, this will likely be as close as we ever get to the movie: a six minute interview with Dante describing how the project came to be and why it died so young.  (“Space Jam.”  Ugh)



(Via Cartoon Brew)

Watching Random Movies

Sometimes, I feel like watching forgotten movies.


Right now, I’m half in the mood to pull out “Treasure Planet” and “Dinosaurs” and watch those this week.


Maybe follow that up with “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”?


I watched all of those movies once when I bought their DVDs 10-15 years ago. Don’t remember much about any of them, to be honest.  I remember only thinking that “Treasure Planet” felt like three episodes of a TV show strung together.


They couldn’t have been all bad, right?  At the very least, there’s likely gold in those hills if you dig deep enough, right?


Might be worth a try…