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The Dog’s Life

four pictures of my dog sleeping in a day

I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t I want to live a dog’s life. Looks – restful.

Granted, you eat the same thing every day for every meal, but…

Disney’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame”

I’ve never seen Disney’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Like most right-thinking people, I gave up on Disney’s animated features in the 90s after Lion King. They all hit the same formula after that.

But I’ve always been amused at how Disney has buried the movie. Not completely. (It’s no “Black Cauldron”/”Song of the South”.) They did issue a Blu-ray of it at one point. They didn’t give it a special designation of any sort, and they rehashed the DVD’s special features for it, but at least they released it.

But while the movie’s contemporaries occupy a regular spot in the rotation on the Disney Channel — Mulan, Hercules, and their sequels — “Hunchback” is noticeably absent.

This article probably explains why:

“I now want to point out that this Disney movie has a song in which the villain sings that he will either rape the main female character or burn her at the stake, because his lust for her is driving him insane. As he sings the song, he sees a vision of her dancing in his fire, and although it is obvious that usually this fiery image is clothed, there are moments when that doesn’t so much seem to be the case.”

That’s the Disney song titled “Hellfire.”

“Hellfire.” The Disney song. About FIRE from HELL.

Yikes, what were they thinking?

The movie is available on Netflix, as is its direct-to-DVD sequel. Might be worth a watch now, just without my daughter…

Also, they might be working on bringing “Disney’s Hunchback” back to Broadway, too. Weird.

Inspiration for Your Resume

Bad Survey

How many things can you count wrong with this on-line survey?

Bad survey with a lot of bad decisions in it.

First, each row uses radio buttons instead of check boxes. In this survey, when it comes to the blogging question, I need to decide if I wrote/created one of my own OR provided comments to one OR read one. I’ve done all three. I can only choose one.

Second the responses don’t fit all the categories. Provided comments to tweets? I suppose you could say you responded to one. But is creating an original one considered “Wrote/Create my own”? Or does that indicate I wrote my own Twitter-like web service?

Third, I may have commented on a YouTube video but never watched one? Wait, that might be possible. Have you read YT comments? I wouldn’t put anything past those people…

I’m a bad bad man

I saw this and all I could think was, “Sure, Mom. You’ll get a Grammar Pass. Just this once.”

Comment says "Mother's get a free pass." with a possessive "Mothers" instead of plural.

AI 13 Week 1 Results

Let this be a lesson to all contestants: Do not try to perform a song with a title like “Beautiful Disaster” as if it’s an upbeat pop song that makes you smile and validates all of your life choices.

America will kick your butt back home.

Is there a holiday coming up?

This is my “Promotion” tab on Google for less than the last week.

2014-02-07 at 9.38 PM

Book me a flight to Japan, quick!

Squirrel Gardens.

What more do I need to say?

How awesome is that?

Abe Lincoln, My Little Pony

The things a father draws for his daughter…

“What if Abraham Lincoln was a My Little Pony?”


Cutest Thing of the Week

(I may need to change tons of WordPress settings so I can embed YouTube videos and tweets around here. In the meantime, click on that link. NOW your day is complete.)

Two Spaces After a Sentence. It’s Really OK, People…

The topic of spacing after a period (or “full stop” in some parts of the world) has received a lot of attention in recent years. The vitriol that the single-space camp has toward the double-spacers these days is quite amazing, and typographers have made up an entire fake history to justify their position. […]

Unfortunately, this whole story is a fairy tale, made up by typographers to make themselves feel like they are correct in some absolute way. The account is riddled with historical fabrication. Here are some facts…

Such a good read ripping apart the modern notion that using two spaces at the end of a sentence is wrong. And he backs it up with a ridiculous amount of proof and history

My New Computer Programming Blog

If you go to, you’ll find my new blog. Spinning off from this one, it’s for all the computer programming things I want to talk about. That’ll be mostly Ruby, with some Perl, iOS/Objective-C, and whatever else strikes my fancy. (Elixir? Go?)


The first programming I ever did was on the family’s Commodore 64, typing in programs from the pages of “Enter” magazine. I recently came across two or three issues that survived that era, plus a folder full of pages I had ripped out to save for whatever reason. I might be scanning those in to show off here. This stuff is golden for programmers of my age, I imagine. There’s a lot of memories to come flooding back from these pages.

Enter Magazine with Sting from Dune, December 1984

Google Reader Update

I haven’t found one that’ll work in IE8, which is what I’m stuck with at work.

I haven’t tried Feed Wrangler yet, mostly because it would cost me $24 to try it and I kind of doubt it’ll work on IE8, too.

So, maybe I’ll be going cold turkey on reading the news starting Monday.

Power Mac G5 Unboxing

Stumbled across this and felt the need to post it on the eve of WWDC 2013.


This is from my first Apple computer purchase/unboxing. Pictured are the Power Mac G5 box, extra RAM from Crucial, and an OS X “Missing Manual” book I bought at Amazon. This picture is from September 2004.

These days, I’m on a 27″ iMac. That PowerMac was replaced a couple of Christmases ago, though it’s still on the floor underneath my desk.