Remember Wired?

Wired logo

They’re a magazine that charges something like $12 for a year’s subscription.

They’re also a website you may have visited in the past.

Looks like I won’t be visiting them anymore:

Starting in the next few weeks, the magazine will give those readers a choice: stop blocking ads, pay to look at a version of the site that is unsullied by advertisements, or go away.  

I just visited the site.  The banner ads weren’t too bothersome.  I clicked on an article.  not too bad. Scrolled down two paragraphs and a pop up video started playing.

It’s cheaper to buy the print magazine than to read the website, by a factor of 4x – 5x.

OK.  Buh-bye, Wired.



When did CONtribute become a thing? I’ve spent my whole life only saying and hearing conTRIbute. Is it just computer programming geeks who can’t separate "contributions" from "contribute"?

Dog Walk

Playing around with some Manga Studio toys and templates… Figured this would be a good time to share one of those conversations I tend to have with my dog from time to time…

dogs pee an awful lot. Humans take pills for that kind of thing.

First thing I’ve learned: a blog design that’s only 600 pixels wide isn’t wide enough. Or my lettering isn’t big enough. It’s probably a bit of both… Maybe look at this on Tumblr for a better view.

X-Files Lighting

At night, looking down a dark street, a streetlamp lights a little of the way.

A week and a half ago, a winter storm dumped two feet of snow in the area.

Warmer temperatures since then have melted most of it away. Yesterday, it rained. And when it stopped, the abrupt change in temperature caused some interesting conditions. We had fog, basically, blowing across the cold snow melting into the warm night.

As I’m walking the dog in one hand and holding a flashlight in the other, I was excited by what these circumstances had given me:

Walking the dog, a strong beam comes out of the flashlight

Look at that shaft of visible light.

It’s X-Files lighting!

Or a light sabre, depending on your fandom.

New Pipeline


Pipeline: This week, I look at the recently concluded “We Stand on Guard” comic from Brian K. Vaughan and Steve Skroce. Also, the Epic Gen13 Re-Read continues with issues #3-#5. It’s good stuff.

Additional Items of Dress or Equipment

In looking it up this morning, I discovered there’s a sharp divide in opinion over whether to spell the word “accoutrement” or “accouterment.” As someone who studied French in high school, I’d go for the former. The later looks like something you’d hear on “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

The New York Times’ style guide uses “accouterment.” That looks so wrong to me.

If you want to be more confused, this website says there is a different in meaning between the two spellings that’s the most effective bit of hair splitting I’ve seen so far this year.

I may be the only person I know to ever use the word in his writing, so feel free to ignore me. At your peril.