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My Best Bowled Game

Started a game with 7 strikes in a row.

Then a spare. Not the end of the world.

The split in the 9th still makes me cringe, though. Turkeyed the tenth, though. That impresses me to this day.

This was January 30, 2000-something. Maybe 2004 or 2005….

Quote of the Day – 27 November Edition

…all original content is by big companies that have partnered with Twitter to use Twitter as an announcement platform, all users just talk about what these things mean, and trends are what you look at — now that of course means that everything in trends is not really a trend, just chatter about what will effectively be ads. Yay, Twitter!

This is essentially the systematic destruction of a once valuable and far reaching tool.

Ben Brooks

Quote of the Day – 20 Nov Edition

“I once saw a bumper sticker that read, ‘Organized people are just too lazy to search for things.'”

Dave Caolo

Quote of the Day

“Patting oneself on the back is rarely easy unless you’re a gymnast from one of those weirdo former Soviet nations.” –Andy Ihnatko

Microsoft can’t get anything right

Microsoft can’t do anything right, can they?  They can’t even manage a price drop without not actually dropping the price.  Unbelievable.

Ah, music

If you view only one YouTube video today, let it be “All Music Is The Same Four Chords.”

I’m guessing many of those songs are from British music, and not that I’m completely out of touch.  But it is riveting to hear how many memorable songs use the same chord progression.

Poor Conan

I can’t help but feel that Conan O’Brien just got royally screwed today.

One Shield Hang Up

My DVR listed “The Shield” for 90 minutes tonight.  I recorded an extra 15 to be sure.  The recording cut out near the end of the credits.

For those who were waiting to watch the show off your DVR in the days ahead, you might want to download it from iTunes, instead. I’d hate to see you get that far into the finale and miss the last 15 minutes.

Quick MTV Thought

I wonder how many episodes of MTV’s “Made” have had to be scrapped because the whiny teenager quit, or failed to show up for the final event planned to be the climax of the episode?

My Mac Screen at the moment

YouTube – My Mac Screen at the moment

This is a short screen grab of the junk on my screen when I use my Power Mac tower (dual G5s) right now.  I’m assuming it’s the fault of the graphics card going bad. Wht do you think?  Does anyone else have any ideas or suggestions?  Has anyone had a similar problem on their four year old computer before?

O.A.R. on Conan

Sorry for the last minute warning, but O.A.R. returns to Conan O’Brien’s show tonight (Wednesday, 14 Oct), where I first saw them back in 2003.


Whoopsie of the century?

“A TV stuntman is lucky to be alive after actor Jimmy Smits stabbed him for real during a fight scene for TV show Dexter.”

Smiths got lucky and hit a tiny plastic piece covering the stunt man’s heart, deflecting the blow.  Still: YIKES!

Lucy Hale on the Fall Schedule

Thanks to Tom the Dog for pointing out that little Lucy Hale is in another TV series, “Privileged.” If you want to see more of Lucy with her boyfriend, there’s always this somewhat creepy video. It’s been five years now since we first typed her name on this blog.

Epic Whoopsie!

Epic Whoopsie! —  “The Tribune erroneously printed a old story on its web site, that United Airlines was filing for bankruptcy, causing the UAL stock to lose 99.9% of its value according to some web stories.”

I’m out of touch

Just watched a neighborhood kid on his bike riding down the street, in circles, on his cellphone.  He had his helmet on.  But is there no law about using hands free/Bluetooth only while riding a bike?

I suppose I should be happy he wasn’t texting.  I loathe the fact that “text” is a verb now.