My Best Bowled Game

Started a game with 7 strikes in a row.

Then a spare. Not the end of the world.

The split in the 9th still makes me cringe, though. Turkeyed the tenth, though. That impresses me to this day.

This was January 30, 2000-something. Maybe 2004 or 2005….

Quote of the Day – 27 November Edition

…all original content is by big companies that have partnered with Twitter to use Twitter as an announcement platform, all users just talk about what these things mean, and trends are what you look at — now that of course means that everything in trends is not really a trend, just chatter about what will effectively be ads. Yay, Twitter!

This is essentially the systematic destruction of a once valuable and far reaching tool.

Ben Brooks

One Shield Hang Up

My DVR listed “The Shield” for 90 minutes tonight.  I recorded an extra 15 to be sure.  The recording cut out near the end of the credits.

For those who were waiting to watch the show off your DVR in the days ahead, you might want to download it from iTunes, instead. I’d hate to see you get that far into the finale and miss the last 15 minutes.

I’m out of touch

Just watched a neighborhood kid on his bike riding down the street, in circles, on his cellphone.  He had his helmet on.  But is there no law about using hands free/Bluetooth only while riding a bike?

I suppose I should be happy he wasn’t texting.  I loathe the fact that “text” is a verb now.