Drawing Abbey Chase for #MerMay

Former Disney animator and current podcaster, Tom Bancroft, came up with the idea of #MerMay, where you draw a mermaid/merman everyday for a month.  You can see his on his Tumblr.

While I’ve been a day or two behind the entire way, I’m doing my best to complete the mission.  I hope to be caught up just in time for the month’s end.

My drawing process is usually that I do a sketch in pencil in my sketchbook, scan that in, and then ink and color it in Clip Studio Paint.  This video (using Screenflow) shows all the digital work for the Abbey Chase mermaid I drew last night, after the scan has been loaded up.

The full video ran 20 minutes, so I sped it up to about two and a half. Here we go:

I know what you’re thinking, and I agree: That gun is awful.

All of my #MerMay drawings can be found on my Instagram page.