“Total Eclipse of the Heart” Part 1 of 3

Once upon a time, Bonnie Tyler recorded a Jim Steinman song. And it was good. It went to #1. This weekend, I found some “song facts” about the song, some of which are of questionable veracity. But that got me pushing through YouTube, nonetheless. So now, a video rundown of the great “Total Eclipse of the Heart:”

In 1984, she performed the song live on The Grammys broadcast. That’s a lot of hair.

In 2009, it became a viral video hit with a Literal Version that has to be seen to be believed. It’s impressive how they managed to fit the literal descriptions so neatly into the song structure:

The Dan Band covered it a few years ago, to hilarious effect. Warning: Language. A movie picked this version up to give it new life:

Lots more after the break, including more from Bonnie Tyler, herself.

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