Nintendo Bookshelf

My daughter’s bookcase is falling apart. The sides must have widened a little and the bookshelves are now detached and resting on the tallest books below them.

It looks like a level of Donkey Kong to me now.

crooked bookcase

Why Apple Should Buy Nintendo

While I still fundamentally disagree with the concept that the Nintendo Wii was “just a fad,” MG Siegler still makes the best case I’ve read so far of why Apple might want to buy Nintento:

Nintendo’s Hardware Problem | ParisLemon.

I’m worried that instead they’ll go down the Sega road and just pump out cheap versions of their great old franchises to anyone who will take them. That’s why I’d love to see Apple step in and buy Nintendo, and let them operate as the independent iOS gaming wing of the company. If Apple wants to move hardware, it’s hard to imagine a better way than having exclusives on all of the Nintendo titles going forward (as well as the back catalog).

Nintendo Wii, the “Fad”

Marco Arment presents a bleak outlook on Nintendo:

Nintendo needs the profits of the high end, but they can’t compete there anymore. All of the growth is happening at the low end, which is mostly games that they can’t or won’t make. And even if they succeeded in casual gaming, it probably wouldn’t bring the kind of profit that they need.

He makes a lot of great points in the piece, though I do vehemently disagree with his calling the Wii a “fad.” If it was a fad, it wouldn’t have inspired the Kinect. Or Sony’s wand. Or any of the other motion-controllers that every other gaming company has jumped on and incorporated into their systems ever since.

Or are Mini-Games a fad? Because that’s what so much of iOS games are, too.

The Wii wasn’t a fad. It was more ahead of its time, or, perhaps, the system that pointed out the future of video games. Nintendo just got caught up in a spiral of bad market positioning that might doom it, despite all of that Wii success.