Bands Backed by Orchestras

First, there was Elton John:

Then came Meat Loaf:

(Yes, same orchestra in Australia.)

There were video recordings for both of those, by the way. I’m not sure if the Elton John one ever made it to DVD.

The Wiggles just did a series of performances in Australia with an orchestra, but did not record it. What a wasted opportunity! (I have a three year old. I’m a big fan.)

Coming this December: O.A.R. is performing with an orchestra in December as a charity concert. There’s not a video recording being made of it, but it will be recorded for audio download on the usual website. I’m very excited for that one. In the meantime, O.A.R.’s Red Rocks concert will be available on CD in November, and there is a DVD/Blu-ray release at around the same time. You can pre-order “Live on Red Rocks” through Amazon.

(Yes, I realize there were other bands who’ve played with orchestras. I know Metallica did one, too, for example. I don’t like Metallica.)

Some Musical Notes (was that a pun?)

  • Last week at AugieShoots, I talked about my experiences shooting a Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers concert.  Pictures and technical stuff and more can be found in that five day series.


  • Good news!  The new O.A.R. album has been announced, and it’ll be out in August.  It’s called “King.”


  • Found an interesting band last week: Honeyhoney.  They have one album out on iTunes and Amazon’s MP3 store now.  It’s a duo from California, and they’ll be opening for Christina Perri on her tour this summer.  They’re a great match.