Middle X: Domino Paper Cut Out

I learned a lot about Manga Studio while working on the Domino drawing I posted last night.  I multiplied the “colors” to get a stronger look.  I successfully magic wanded Domino and then rotated the selection to create a mask to draw the shadow with.  And more.

I love looking at colored art without the line art. You can often see just how close to being a pure painted a colorist might get.  It’s fun to see if the drawing is clear without the black lines.

For this one, I did more.  I dropped both the black lines AND the colors of the character, leaving behind only her shape as a negative space.  It looks cool, like I created a pop-up paper doll or something.

Work In Progress of the Domino art from yesterday. She's an empty silhouette here.

Middle X: Domino

Enter a world where the X-Men have quietly retired from their years of superheroing. It’s a world where they settled down in the suburbs and lived to ripe old ages.

We look in on them as they hit their 40s. They are, perhaps, soccer moms and dance dads and who knows what else.

Number 4 is… Domino.  Some people just can’t give up the lifestyle.


middlex 6_domino_web